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If you want a healthy and bright skin firmness, you should use sunscreen every day.
We will have a lot of skin problems because ultraviolet rays.
When we take a trip, we will take many types of sunscreen. So, today I will recommend you to sunscreen.
BACK ME IN JWOON Sun Cream is SPF50 PA +++ . The sleek and powerful sunscreen for sensitive and delicate skin.
Many people are reluctant because of sun cream and sticky whitish phenomenon.
However, BACK ME IN JAWOON suncream is a product that you can trust.
BACK ME IN JAWOON is tube type. It is in the form of easy to use.
Soft and light, such as sunscreen lotions because it is the superior absorption.
The genus moist skin, and it is neat.However, it is never sticky.
when you use many times, It also been in close contact without sticky.
This effect lasts much, when I sweat in the summer.
Women may also use BACK ME IN JAWOON sun cream for facial base.
In addition BACK ME IN JAWOON sun cream has whitening effect.
Many celebrities have recommended BACK ME IN JAWOON sun cream.
I also want to look into using a sunscreen of BACK ME IN JAWOON.

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• BACK-ME-IN Jaungold Ample

• BACK-ME-In Jaun Neck & Face Cream

• BACK-ME-IN Jaun Suncream





As a sunscreen product of SPF 50+/PA+++, without oily and white opaque sensories.

It efficiently protects skin from the UVA/UVB.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract restore moisture-rich, healthy-looking skin and resilence.

It will be delivered Brand New in Box.

All kinds of skin can use it, after skin care apply on care needed area.

Please do not use it if you have a scar on your face.

Keep it away from children.